Swimming with the Fishes

The Godfather Part 1 – Paramount Pictures

Some writing mistakes are fatal.

I was editing my short piece for  the Royal Philharmonic Society today. Nothing major. Just a few minor tweaks to make sure my work read as well as possible.

But then, my seventeen-year-old alter ego got a bit annoyed. Erg, hello young adult author. You are seriously lame. Basically like, you are talking about old people stuff here. Nobody cares.

How dare you? You snotty nosed little wiper snapper, was my instant response. But then I thought again. Perhaps the seventeen-year-old me had a point? Maybe, I was so old, I was using cultural references that belonged more in historical fiction?

So I did a bit of research: had the average teen heard of The Godfather?   The conclusion to my non-scientific survey, yes they had. Get in! However, few of them had actually seen the films.  

I nearly committed a fatal mistake today. I got so carried away with my story that I forgot to ensure that I was at all times grounding my character in a relevant reality.

See, I told you like. Loser.

My alter ego, is right to chastise me. I took my eye of the ball. Having pretty much cracked the young adult voice issues, I relaxed a bit too much. Failed to pay full attention to my writing. To give it the due respect.

I managed to fix things pretty easily. But my alter ego has sent me a warning.   Respect the young adult family, or you’ll be swimming with the fishes.

2 thoughts on “Swimming with the Fishes

  1. This sort of reminds me that sometimes those fish you are swimming with are innocent goldfish, and other times they are vicious piranhas. Either way, I suppose it is a good idea to acknowledge them and just keep on swimming😉

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