I am a Writer



I have an author photo, I must be a writer.

I did it. I shared my work in public.

And surprisingly, despite the sixty pint-sized people staring at me expectantly, I wasn’t even nervous. It just felt right.

The energy in the room was amazing; these children didn’t care that the book I was reading from wasn’t published.  I was a writer, they trusted me. And thanks to their generous enthusiasm, I learnt to trust myself.

I’d been feeling a little jaded. This term on my MA has been tough. There have been a lot of lows, as time after time, I was forced to look at my work through the eyes of the critic. To face the harsh reality that if I want to see this book  in a bookstore I need to do more.

It is pretty common for writing students to have doubts as they get further into their studies. That greater awareness of how you can improve your work is both a blessing and a curse. You have the technical knowledge to really perfect your writing, but you lose your spontaneity. You lose yourself.

Yesterday, when I shared my work with the children I had written it for, I found myself again. I heard my voice loud and clear. I also heard that this was a voice the children liked. They totally entered my world; a world I had created with words.

I am a writer.




2 thoughts on “I am a Writer

  1. These few short paragraphs carry such a profound and significant message. It doesn’t matter whether you fully develop characters, carry an engaging plot, or use the right sentence structure. None of these matter when you are able to touch the core of another person with what is inside you. No technical aspect of the writing process can teach that. It comes from that authentic self within, and it sometimes requires a tremendous amount of courage to let out into the open air. Congratulations on projecting your true self out into the world, and in reconnecting with your own unique voice😉

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