Happy Happy Happy

I’m going to be published.

My short story, Leave This All Behind, makes it into print in June.  It will feature in Crimelines, a collection of  short stories  for teenagers edited by Manchester Writing School.

Now given I have never written a short story before, I have limited knowledge of the crime genre and I normally write for children aged nine and under,  I have to say I am  pretty happy about this.

Okay, I had a bit of an advantage. As a creative writing student, I was invited to submit a story for the collection. But there were no guarantees. I had to compete for a place in the publication with both students and professional writers. This makes me even happier.

Crimelines will be launched at the Manchester Children’s Book Festival. There’s a special event and everything. I therefore get to buy a new frock and a pair of posh shoes. You guessed it … I’m ecstatic.

Photo Credit: Image posted from Buzzfeed – 20 Pictures That Will Make You Feel Happy – http://www.buzzfeed.com/mentos/20-pictures-that-will-make-you-feel-happy

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