A Thousand Words

Butlins far too long ago to tell

“Rie, do I really look like Al Pacino?”
“Of course you do Daddy.”

Well after two weeks off to do some major bongoing I seem to have lost my blogging mojo. Not to worry it will be back and in the meantime I thought I’d post a picture. A picture worth a thousand words, this is where  my mind is at right now.  

My Dad retires today. The ever youthful  Peter Pan prodigy, who continually blossomed as his counterparts saw the onset of autumn, is finally joining the realms of senior citizenship. He is fine with it but I am feeling pretty sentimental.

There are lots of great things I could tell you about my Dad,  a key protagonist in my own story he deserves a place in this blog as much as anyone. However, I know I will be in deep trouble just for the photo, so before I sink any deeper and risk him chasing me up the stairs as he did when I was a gobby teenager, I’ll bite my tongue. For now anyway.

Love you Dad, enjoy your retirement xxx

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